1. Duration:1 day
  2. Locale:Puno – Bolivia
  3. Service:Private
  4. Difficulty:Low
  5. Availability:
  2. Price 285.00 USD Per 2 Persons

Puno - chucuito - aramu muru - tiahuanaco – puno tour [full day]


PUNO - CHUCUITO - ARAMU MURU - TIAHUANACO - PUNO PRIVATE TOUR, starts at 06:30 a.m. a representative of our company with a private bus will make the pick up at your hotel in the city center of Puno, on Board of the vehicle once went out with destination to CHUCUITO a small and quiet village where we will visit the Temple of fertility, this place will see phalli of stone according to some history if women suffer from fertility problems sitting on top of this phallus and pouring a bit of chicha they recover fertility. After the visit to this place we left heading to ARAMU MURU/HAYU MARCA located 35 km from the city of Puno, this beautiful place is known as the City of spirits; ARAMU MURU in we can do walk by its surroundings by an approximate time of 45 minutes.

Continuing our journey we leave with destination to TIAHUANACO passing by the village of JULI, ACORA and DESAGUADERO. At 10:30 a.m. we will arrive at the border Peru - Bolivia, once here must submit our documents at the offices of MIGRATIONS of both countries; to continue with our trip at the border will change mobility and Bolivian guide. After 45 minutes approximately will be arriving at the village of TIAHUANACO. Being 01:30 p.m. HB. We will enjoy a typical lunch in a local restaurant, after lunch we started with the guided tour of the most important places of the archaeological complex as LA PUERTA DEL SOL, MUSEUM OF STONES, THE AKAPANA PYRAMID, EL TEMPLETE SEMI-SUBTERRÁNEO AND WILA PUKARA. Visit time lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes; at 04:30 p.m. we start heading to Desaguadero; finally arrived in the city of Puno at 07:00 p.m. approx. finished with the tour by making the transfer to respective hotels in the city center of Puno.

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TOUR COST:275.00 USD280.00 USD325.00 USD400.00 USD
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ITINERARY (Tour Chucuito - Aramu Muru - Tiahuanaco - Puno).

  • 06:30 a.m. Pick up passengers from their hotels in the city center of Puno and departure with destination to Chucuito.
  • 07:30 a.m. Arrival to Chucuito and visit the Temple of fertility.
  • 08:45 a.m. Arrival to the city of the spirits ARAMU MURU.
  • 10:45 a.m. Arrival at the border Peru - Bolivia, the market town of Desaguadero (verification of documents in both countries in the migration office).
  • 12:30 p.m. Arrival at the city of TIAHUANACO (visit Puma Punko, before lunch).
  • 01:30 p.m. Typical lunch in the village of Tiahuanaco.
  • 02:30 p.m. Beginning of the route of the second part in the most important places of archaeological complex.
  • 04:30 p.m. Left heading to the border of Peru - Bolivia the town of Desaguadero.
  • 03:45 p.m. HP. We arrived to Desaguadero and leave with destination to the city Puno.
  • 07:00 p.m. HP. Arrived to the Puno city and transfer to hotels in the center of the city.
  • Data to take into account: The time difference with respect to Peru and Bolivia translates into an hour; in other words, Peru has one hour less than Bolivia.


  • Private transport Puno - Tiahuanaco - Puno.
  • Professional English/Spanish Guide in Peru and Bolivia.
  • Entry ticket to Tiahuanaco.
  • Typical lunch at Tiahuanaco.


  • Others not mentioned in the package.


  • Hat and sunscreen.
  • Bring liquid drinks for your ride.
  • Camera.
  • Money to purchase crafts.
  • Thick clothes (in the seasons of autumn and winter afternoon is cold wind and in spring and summer bring waterproof jacket and umbrella for rain).


  • Our country keeps large number of myths and legends, which constantly challenge time and beliefs. One of the most important mysteries is located in the community of Mulla Conti hollow of the province of Collao Ilave, 35 kilometers from Juli, close to the Titicaca Lake, in the Department of Puno. Is the "Puerta del Diablo", "Stone Gate" or "The door magic of Aramu Muru", which does not lead to nowhere. This wrought gate in rock is considered a marvel in this part of the region, surrounded by green Plains, is seven meters long and is a sacred place for shamans or yatris and believers of the place.

    According to the legend, about 450 years ago, an Inca priest fleeing Spaniards and managed to hide in the mountains to save the "Golden disc" that had been created by the gods for purposes of healing the sick and for the initiation of the chamanes- priests.
    It is thus that this priest was aware of the existence of this mysterious door and went through it his hands with the gold disc and never returned.
    There is another story that comes from the year 1974, where some members of a music band were able to "walk through" the door and never returned. This was told by the rest of the band that never went through that door.
    Villagers near the site indicate that it is a door itself, and man would be the key, is the entrance to the "Temple of the lighting of the gods Meru" or "Hayu Marca", and curious stories about a "city lights" that appeared some evenings and the door was translucent.


  • Kalasasaya in Aymara means Kala Sayata "Stones stops", it is one of the ceremonial temples which was built at the second grey classic culture, with a perfect architecture of 90 degrees with pillars and blocks, red sandstone rocks and volcanic rocks andesite, measuring 128 m long, 119 m wide and 4 m high, the temple is also solar calendar related 2 solstices and equinoxes, with the 4 seasons of the year and was rebuilt by the Bolivian architect Carlos Ponce Sanjines. In the interior of this temple the following monuments are the Ponce monolith, found in the year 1957 by Julia Elene Fortún 2 meters of depth, the monolith is a cephalic band decorated with winged men, chasquis and carries a ceremonial mask decorated with heads of fish and condor, in the right hand carries a SCEPTER of political power and religious KERU in the left hand; the sash is decorated with traits of condors, fish and cactus. La Puerta del sol found in 1825, in the Northwest corner of the Kalasasaya Temple which has iconography as a figure of the Sun (Wiracocha) carrying two sticks in his hands and around men winged head of condors as symbol of custody in the Sun, below you can see small Suns that displays the Gregorian calendar and also represents the 12 months of the year and 2 men trumpeters representing the 4 seasons of the year, weighs approximately 10 tons, was at the center of the temple which coincided with the first rays of the Sun, in the colony was moved and ransacked.


  • 28 for 26 meters and dug a depth of 2 meters inside the temple. This temple has the 175 heads claves with anthropomorphic figures that according to archaeologists would represent the leaders of the Tiwanaku culture, but for others as the races of the world because each Face is different and inside is also the bearded monolith found along with the Bennett Monolith in 1932.


  • It is one of the most important monuments of the Tiwanaku pre-Columbian city. It's a stepped pyramid made up of 7 platforms, has an approximate height of 18 meters. It’s also staggered plant fits in a ring of 114 meters, carrying in the Center as it forms an Andean cross filled with water that was considered to be a mirror and an astronomical observatory, through it they predicted time. It was closed during the colony was destroyed by the Spanish Oyandeburu who was looking for treasures. In this pyramid were pieces carved on black basalt, as the famous "HOMBRE PUMA", also known as "CHACHAPUMA".


  • PUMA PUNKU or PUERTA DEL PUMA, is one of the most extraordinary temples, which covers an approximate area of 2 hectares. This is a form of "T" Pyramidal structure, raised on three platforms, the floor is rectangular and has two fins that extend to the North and the South, the main enclosure Northwest still has structures that were probably made up of four rooms. It is where the puma men lived and used to go out to protect the temples.


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