BUS PUNO CHIVAY [route tourist – shared service transport]

  1. Duration:½ Day
  2. Locale:Puno - Chivay
  3. Service:Shared service
  4. Difficulty:Media
  5. Availability:
  2. Price 37.00 USD Per 1 Persons

Bus / transport puno - chivay [tourist service]


shared service Our service starts from 06:00 a.m. with the pick up passengers from their hotels in the Puno city center to board the bus bound for Chivay, the journey has an approximate duration of 7 hours. En route we will visit beautiful and interesting places like:

Lagunillas , here we will observe a variety of wildfowl such as flamingos, Andean gulls and ducks.
Pampa Cañahuas, place where we will appreciate the rock formations, as well as South American camelids like vicuñas, llamas and alpacas.
The Patapampa volcanoes viewpoint (4,950 meters above sea level) which offers a stunning view of the Majesty of the Misti, Chachani, Ampato volcanoes.
Being approximately 1:00 pm arrive at Chivay, place known for their religious celebrations and traditional festivals which are cultural heritage of their ancestors. The bus will arrive at the Chivay main square.

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  • 06:10 am Pick up passengers from their hotels in the Puno city center and the tourist bus approach.
  • 06:30 am The bus departures to Chivay.
  • 08:30 a.m. First stop in Lagunillas (10 minute visit).
  • 10:15 a.m. Visit the Pampa Cañahuas (25 minute visit).
  • 11:15 a.m. Visit the Patapampa viewpoint (10 minute visit).
  • 12:00 p.m. Arrival at the Chivay main square.


  • Pick up passengers from their hotels in the Puno city center.
  • Advance purchase of tickets bus and tour.
  • Comfortable and equipped transport.
  • Tourist stops in Lagunillas, Pampa Cañahuas and Patapampa Viewpoint.
  • Snack and water, coke tea or coffee.
  • Assistance on board.


  • Tickets to the thermal baths in Chivay (15 Soles).
  • BTC (Colca ticket, allows admission to the colca Canyon).

    Foreign: 70 Nuevos Soles.
    South America: 40 Nuevos Soles.
    National: 20 Nuevos Soles.

  • Others not listed in the program of information.

Additional bus services:

  • Oxygen on Board of the bus.
  • Air purification system.
  • Chemical bath.
  • Windows panoramic, protecting against sun rays.
  • Air conditioning system.
  • Thermo-isolated cabin.
  • Control GPS satellite.
  • Audiovisual System Full HD.
  • Logical LED lighting.

It is recommended for the tour:

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat.
  • Camera.


  • The Pampa Cañahuas covers an extensive Andean sector that comprises part of the Arequipa districts, Cayma, Yanahuara, Chihuata and San Juan de Tarucani. Its area of 314.447 hectares, is located behind the volcanoes Chachani and Misti, its climate is cold and little rain, therefore its landscape, in general it is desolate, but impresses by its grandeur, its spectacular formations Rocky and, despite everything, a flora and fauna important. Therefore the Government has arranged the creation of the Salinas and Aguada Blanca national reserve, in order to prevent the extinction of species very depleted. Plant species include the ichu and yareta, but especially cacti plants, one varieties that indigenous sampled some ayrampu, product to dye the wool since ancient times. Its fauna, the most valuable specimen is the vicuña, camelid Peruvian producer of the finest wool in the world and that would become extinct if laws do not protect it from predatory hunters. Also some guanacos as well as the coveted taruca or Andean Deer and some Cougars you have been able to the spot. Chinchillas, on the other hand, seem to have disappeared from this place. Enjoy a day surrounded by nature and returns to the city where you will find a well deserved rest at any of the hotels or hostels a wide range and affordable prices.


  • The volcanoes viewpoint, is a place frequented by tourists, is in an area called Patapampa (4910 m.a.s.l.) which is the highest point of the road from Arequipa to Chivay, this place receives this name because this place you can see all the volcanoes of the area, which in reality are many, the view is beautiful from the place and the volcanoes are so imposing and majestic, also that the whole area is full of "apachetas" as tributes to the Apus in the area. It is also here where the townspeople of Chivay all day offer their textile products to tourists, made of alpaca and vicuña.


  • Chivay is a beautiful rural city of the District of the same name. It is located in the Caylloma province, located in the Arequipa Department. This city is the capital of the district to which it belongs and the beautiful Caylloma province. In recent years, Chivay has gained popularity by being part of the so-called "route of Ciro', route which follows the road more than one year ago, the missing student walk on his tour of the Colca Canyon. Chivay is a town located on the 3,600 meters above sea level, so only those with very good physical condition, can follow the incredible trails its rural roads have to offer, as well as also, to withstand low temperatures recorded in her, especially in the evening. The beautiful town of Chivay is divided into three recognizable sections, the first of them is known as Ccapa, quechua word that identifies the power, in this district are not only the urban spaces of the city, but also one of its main attractions is La Calera thermal waters complex. It has five pools that are nourished by the waters coming from the Cotallumi volcano, from which arise with a temperature higher than 80 ° C, those waters are heated for use by the visitor (38 ° C on average), who attends them with intention of alleviating diseases such as rheumatism, skin problems or muscular diseases. Another area in which divides Chivay is known as Urinsaya, that is characterized by the great festive spirit of its people. The third part of which this city is made is Hanansaya where agricultural activity is focused.


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