Traveling and guiding dreams, delivering the best of us to achieve the preference of our customers and the community, that way to form us as a sustainable company where we are more than satisfied to work


We are projecting for 2021 to be recognized as one of the leading companies in the tourism sector by innovating, promoting and inserting new places in the tourism market.


  • SERVICE VOCATION.-He is the one who has the genuine predisposition and dedication to serve others by giving him an extraordinary experience.
  • TEAMWORK.- He who works as a team seeks to achieve the common goal that unites us and is convinced that together we will achieve extraordinary results.
  • INNOVATION.- An innovator explores experiences and learns by reaching innovative solutions and taking advantage of the opportunities that help the success of our company INCA'S CULTURAL Travel Agency.
  • Pasión - Sentir fervor para favorecer una causa o propósito.
  • Flexibilidad - Tener la capacidad de adaptarse a nuevas circunstancias.
  • Trabajo en equipo - Compartir tareas para lograr un objetivo común, anteponiendo la meta grupal antes que la individual.
  • La inclusión - Proporcionar un acceso equitativo, haciendo ajustes permanentes para permitir la participación de todos y valorando el aporte de cada persona a la sociedad.


INCA'S CULTURAL Travel Agency, was created in the year 2017 by its founder Clemente Mamani along with its loyal collaborators with its mission to continue innovating and with an ambition to continue growing and strengthening as ANTARES TRAVEL group. Our vocation of service is one of our strengths as a group and individual company to consolidate ourselves in the market of the tourism sector. INCA'S CULTURAL, offers services of: Travel agency and tour operator in Lake Titicaca, Incoming tourism, Private tourism, Private transport, travel guide, tourist management and projects, trekking specialists to Colca and Machupicchu and others.

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